About Us

Established in 2017, ESVM was founded by experienced energy market professionals as a new business which seeks to identify poorly performing or otherwise dislocated energy assets, as well as transformative energy technologies. Through entrepreneurial and innovative management, these opportunities offer ESVM’s team the potential for significant value creation. Comprising engineering, commercial, financial and legal expertise, ESVM’s management enjoys wide relationships among government entities (including public sector policy makers and regulators), investors, financiers, utilities and contractors, alongside both project and technology developers.

It is intended that ESVM will, in due course, become authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for investment management and financial advisory business. ESVM is in discussions with established FCA regulated entities to secure such authorisations.

The immediate markets and opportunities which ESVM seeks to have initial focus on include:-

  • The development or turnaround of dislocated or distressed (i.e. stalled, poorly performing or over leveraged) solar power plants, with a priority target on the UK, Italy and Spain. With respect to Italian solar, the ESVM team is working with an operator of a portfolio of Italian solar parks to enhance the performance, and restructure the capital base, of such solar plants.
  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage / Enhanced Oil Recovery / Hydrogen Production & Utilisation technologies, with an initial focus on Romania. ESVM is working with EBRD and Norwegian authorities in this space.
  • Energy from waste, biomass, biogas and associated syngas technologies.
  • Microgrids and energy efficiency technologies, in particular low transmission loss cables and battery systems.
  • Selected emerging market energy projects, particularly across the MENA and Central Asian regions. ESVM is developing a pooled risk sharing mutual insurance capability in order to support management teams to address the particular complexities and uncertainties of developing and operating energy assets in Emerging Markets.
  • Sub-Saharan African power generation projects (in particular, distributed wind & solar developments, together with associated energy storage and pay-as-you-go technologies).

EVSM has identified an attractive pipeline of projects in these energy market sub- sectors. It already enjoys in principle commitments from a leading infrastructure fund and multilateral lending agency to progress such opportunities to commercial, financial and investment reality.

ESVM’s model is to utilise the team’s extensive relationships to bring together high quality management expertise, alongside appropriate capital providers and technologies, with a view to creating sustainable businesses which offer investors attractive long term returns. Through earning equity participations, royalties or other long term investment entitlements, alongside transactional and consultancy fees for specific advisory work, ESVM aims to build sustainable value for all its stakeholders.

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